Kinect Can Get Dangerous

Originally uploaded by DuDu Zhan
I've been going insane over my Kinect. I bought it the day it came out in November 2010. I'm still so excited over it and I can't wait to see all the new games they come out with. I do have such very high hopes for the technology. It's already got my fat butt off the couch and dancing, jumping, swatting the air and flapping my arms around like a lunatic.

My husband and I haven't playe together very much. Firstly because he's just not that into it and secondly because well...we don't share our game space very well. We tried to yesterday in fact and as usual it didn't go very well. I doged a few of his slaps and elbows a few times and smacked him in the gut once. Hell I even bumped his ass out of the way once...only once though because the camera didn't like it very much.

This is once of the many reasons why I would always recommend caution while co-op'ing on Kinect though: