UFC Trainer

I have quite a few Kinect titles knowing full well they will suck ass. I don't care. I love the idea behind the Kinect so much that I'm willing to throw my money away just trying the latest  use of the technology so far. I do love my Dance Masters & Dance Central, but not enough to purchase any DLC for it as of yet. The only game I'll go out of my way to pay for DLC is anything Call of Duty and that's because both my husband and I will enjoy intense use of the game and content. 

Right now I'm having to suffer through a really boring Anime because my husbands Xbox is only just starting to do that giant update required a few short weeks ago. To be honest based on the little I demo'd at the store I'm not all that excited about the game right now. Not because it's not going to be good or because it's not going to be effective, but simply because I don't want to sweat right now. My hair is so pretty and I worked so hard on it. LOL

BUT there is a cool outfit available that I'm sure I won't fit into and some weighted gear that I can buy on UFCstore.com. Think I'll check that out for now and cross my fingers that my husbands download hurry's the hell up!