COD & Schwag

210922_2427832809761_1069799798_2639885_1625719929_o Today was a good day. Rigid was touched by the powers that be. Someone decided he was a special boy.

He won $100 on the lottery which helped pay for our elite memberships. He vouched for two sweet kids who were ahead of us in line. If he didn’t they wouldn’t have been able to pick up their games or get a wristband. They gave him two extra wristbands for the two kids he vouched for. Because of this he won three items in the raffle held at our local Gamestop. He won a Tshirt, a poster & a promotional poster box thing.

We made several friends and we pretty much all stuck together most of the night. We were the first 25 people in and the first 25 were supposed to get hats. Rigid got the last hat he was number 23…touched I tell you. Definitely touched.